“How J.K Rowling Helped Me Go From Near Bankruptcy To 4 Million Pounds Through The ‘Magic’ Money-Maker Of Property...”
Discover The Key Lessons I Learned From ONE Famous Author That Completely Transformed My Life
Discover The Key Lessons I Learned From ONE Famous Author That Completely Transformed My Life
Has anyone ever told you...
 You're not good enough
 You've failed once, you'll fail again
 You haven't got the skills to succeed
 You're not in the position to achieve greatness
I was told them all...
But - luckily the combination of one bitterly cold car trip and a cafe conversation with J.K Rowling helped me see otherwise.

You see, I lost my shirt in the financial crash when the bank pulled the loan in on my previous business and left me close to bankruptcy. 

I became a carpet cleaner to pay the mortgage and put food on the table for my 4 kids. And it was tough, working 10 hr days six days a week to clear debts. 

But I was on the “hamster wheel”, running really fast just to stay where I was. Making no progress and I could not see a way out…

And then in March 2015, I had my “J.K. Rowling” moment, an event which changed my life completely and gave me the kick I needed to get back on the horse and start making some serious money again.

I spent a year learning all I could about property investing, specifically the strategies you can use 
...when you have no money and poor credit and therefore can’t get a mortgage... because that was the position I was in!

In two and a half years, I built up a £4 million pound property portfolio and gained financial freedom. And I’ve written this book to show YOU how to replicate this success.

The book “deep dives” into the exact strategies that I used to build this high cash-flowing property business. One that brings in a passive income every month.
I don’t know your circumstances, but if you’re looking for a way to build up a sizeable monthly income to allow you to leave the day job whilst at the same time generate an equity pot for the future, this book will show you exactly how to do this.

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...and discover how to profit from property even if you’re penniless:
Here Is What Previous Customer's Have Said...

Jim Stephens

"A great story and a great read! Pete explains clearly how anybody can get into property and make some serious money. I’ve been in property for 25 years but hadn’t come across some of this stuff. Pure dynamite!"

Susan Johnson

"Wow! This has opened my eyes to stuff I really should have known about before. Pete explains it all so clearly and his story is inspirational!"

Mike Jenkins

"A great read and really good timing for me as I’m just getting into property and this has really opened my eyes to what’s possible."

Steve Wilson

"The book really opened my eyes to what’s possible. Highly recommend it for anyone looking to build up an income in double quick time."
What's In The Book?...
Chapter 1: Why Property?
- Why property is the perfect vehicle to take you from where you are to where you want to be

- How to use leverage to maximise your return on investment

- The five golden rules of investing
Chapter 2: How To Buy Property With None Of Your Money
- How to have potential investors begging you to take their money!

- The 4 keys to success when you have no money yourself

- How to present to potential investors to secure their money
Chapter 3: Maxmise Your Cash Flow Using HMO's (House Shares)
- The four main reasons why HMO’s can turbo charge your cashflow

-Why getting it wrong can be disastrous and exactly how to avoid this

-I show you exactly what to do to pick the right house, in the right area, for the right price
Chapter 4: How To Find Properties You Need To Be Investing In
- The exact 5 steps to follow to make sure you never buy a lemon!

-How to find the great “off market” deals

-The exact scripts to use with property owners to get them on side from the start 
Chapter 5: The Best Kept Secret In Property Investing
-The ONE strategy which can generate serious cash flow and long term capital growth
-How to use this strategy when you have none of your own money
-Exactly what to say to estate agents to have them phoning you with deals every week!
Chapter 6: Deal Sourcing and Trading
- How to make money from every deal, even when it doesn’t suit your strategy

-The exact formula you need to know to evaluate every deal and sell it on for £5k each time
- How to source the perfect property for you to live in, without having to buy it!
Chapter 7: Rent to Rent and Serviced Accommodation
-How these two strategies can be used when you have no money yourself

-The “no money down” formula for generating huge cash flow

-Exactly what to say to property owners to secure the best deals every time
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... And Discover How To Profit From Property Even If You're Penniless:
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